Ingredients: lard lye, distilled water,  orange peel powder, oatmeal and local honey.

"Pale Summer"

This  was designed for African American/ Indian / darker skin tones. It includes the following all natural ingredients known to assist those aiming for a paler, lighter skin. This listing is for one bar of soap.

Honey -  sourced here in Maiden, NC from a local beekeeper.
Oatmeal -  both colloidal and crushed oats.
Natural Orange Peel Powder -  I make my own orange peel powder from oranges grown in the United States only.
Turmeric - all natural ground turmeric powder.

We do not use any alcohols, colorants, fragrances, whiteners ( such as titanium dioxide) or hardeners in any of our products.  All soaps are hand made from scratch and are not made from "melt and pour" soap bases.

Due to the natural curing process, and lighting while the pictures were taken, the colors of the soaps shown may differ slightly from the photographs shown. All of our soaps are fragrance free,

Bars weigh at least 4.0 ounces. Some bars weigh 5 ounces or more.

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Lard and Lye Naturally Skin Lightening Turmeric, Orange Peel, Oatmeal and Honey Soap. Four bars

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