This listing is for four handcrafted soaps made with DARK pine tar , lard, lye and distilled water.

IMPORTANT: Please be aware that dark pine tar does have a richer, deeper natural scent to it that some folks find unpleasant. This is not the lighter, sweeter pine tar soap and carries a fragrance that tends more to the tar than the pine side. This dark pine tar is made using the closed kiln method and is creosote free.

This soap contains 11% pine tar.

I do not use any alcohols, colorants, fragrances, whiteners ( such as titanium dioxide) or hardeners in any of our products. All soaps are hand made from scratch and are not made from "melt and pour" soap bases.

Due to the natural curing process, and lighting while the pictures were taken, the colors of the soaps shown may differ slightly from the photographs shown. All of our soaps are fragrance free, except from the natural fragrances of the herbs or flowers used in their manufacture.

Each bar weighs  at least 4 ounces, although each bar may weigh up to 6 ounces. The average size of these bars is approx 4.0 ounces.

Ingredients: Lard, lye, distilled water, 11% dark, closed kiln pine tar.

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Four Bars of Dark Pine Tar Lard and Lye Bar Soap.

  • $23.99

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