Ingredients: Lard, lye, Californian sea salt, red kelp (dulse)

One handcrafted salt bar made with pure Californian sea salt and skin  nourishing organic Canadian red kelp.

This bar is 33% sea salt and is therefore a much  harder bar than our regular lard and lye soaps. 
Handmade with only distilled water, food grade lard, lye, sea salt and red kelp. No other ingredients were used in the manufacture of this soap.

Sea Salt: is packed with minerals, including magnesium, potassium calcium and  sodium, all of which play a key role in skin health. If your skin's mineral balance is off-kilter, symptoms such as dryness, dullness and irritation may occur. Sea Salt bars are also naturally exfoliating.

Red Kelp (Dulse):  is packed with minerals, antioxidants and skin loving ingredients such as beta-carotene. Dulse also  helps to nourish, tighten and smooth your skin.

Note: This is a salt bar, so please use accordingly. This will sting if applied to damaged and broken skin.
Your salt bar may sweat in transit if it is stored in a high humidity location while being shipped. This is normal behavior for a natural salt bar and does not effect the product at all. Please remember to keep your salt bar away from high humidity locations to minimize sweating.

I do not use any alcohols, colorants, fragrances, whiteners ( such as titanium dioxide) or hardeners in any of our products. All soaps are hand made from scratch and are not made from "melt and pour" soap bases. This soap is made using the hot process soaping method in order to preserve the beneficial effects of the kelp and dandelions. .

Due to the natural curing process, and lighting while the pictures were taken, the colors of the soaps shown may differ slightly from the photographs shown.

Bars typically weigh 4 to 5 ounces each. No bar will weigh less than 4.0 ounces. Some of these bars may weigh over 5 ounces. they are manually made so sizes vary.

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Salt Bar with Red Kelp and Californian Sea Salt. Lard and Lye Salt Bar Soap

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